From top left, moving clockwise: Ruben Somsen, Mario Gibney, Bryan Aulds, Colin Aulds

From top left, moving clockwise: Ruben Somsen, Mario Gibney, Bryan Aulds, Colin Aulds

Ruben Somsen

Ruben Somsen is the founder of the Seoul Bitcoin Meetup, the longest running cryptocurrency meetup in Korea (since Feb 2014), where he teaches anything related to bitcoin, cryptography, and consensus protocols (mostly explaining why they are broken). He is the Education Director of Reading Bitcoin, a platform dedicated to localized education, and is also the author of Statechains, a novel layer two scaling protocol that enhances the effectiveness of the Lightning Network.

Mario Gibney

After graduating from the grueling tutelage of Prof. Ruben Somsen at the Seoul Bitcoin Meetup, Mario ended his previous career as a teacher and went on to work at Blockstream, where he does non-engineery things so that the engineers can keep doing their thing. He used to do fencing for fun, but now mostly just shitposts on twitter and hangs out in r/BitcoinDiscussion, where he rules as Benevolent Dictator for Life.

Bryan Aulds

Bryan Aulds is an economics and finance junky with a penchant for libertarian theory, although you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise given his eclectic background. He went to school at the United States Naval Academy and went on to become a helicopter pilot. He's now in the MBA program at Rice University and runs Billfodl, the coolest cold wallet on the planet.

Colin Aulds

Colin Aulds has been involved in Bitcoin since 2014, and while his background is in software QA and web development, his primary motivation these days is to make holding Bitcoin safer and easier through the products offered over at Billfodl.com, as well as his and Bryan’s soon-to-launch education venture Decyphered, and the development of a trustless crypto estate planning solution called DTH PLN. He hosts Church and State Podcast, where he advocates we do with less of both. He also helps Mario maintain his tight grip of power over r/BitcoinDiscussion as a faithful and subservient moderator.