Ep. 48 Derosian Troll Wars

On this episode of the unhashed podcast: Bryan recounts his time at BitBlockBoom Conference. Does @bitstein’s talk imply meme warfare has reached peak #derosian tactics? Square just hired Matt Corallo which has us wondering what exactly does a company like square have in mind for someone like Matt who could otherwise do whatever he wants? And...The magical crypto friends and key executives at Casa have invested and taken founders rewards in an ERC20 token backed exchange, going against years of ETH antagonism. Is nothing sacred?

0:00:00 Intro

0:05:13 BitBlockBoom & Bitstein meme wars

0:13:25 Bitcoin in a race condition!

0:17:14 SEC goes after Veritaseum

0:21:55 Charlie Lee announces lack of development of LTC

0:25:27 Coinbase faces negligence lawsuit

0:37:24 Square Crypto hired Matt Corallo

0:49:09 Samsung adds support for bitcoin in blockchain keystore

0:53:53 Prominent bitcoiners investing in INX token?

1:14:18 Lightning Round

Weekly News Wrap Up:

  1. Bryan expounds on BitBlockBoom!  

  2. Bitmex research tweeted earlier that The Bitcoin network is currently in a race condition. Two competing blocks were found at height 591,848, both of which were mined by btc.com. Nodes are split onto different chains until one of the chains is extended.

  3. The SEC has obtained a temporary restraining order freezing the assets of Reggie Middleton and Veritaseum. The order covers accounts at traditional financial institutions (Bank of America, Citi and JPMorgan Chase), cryptocurrency exchanges (Gemini and Kraken) and 15 addresses on the ethereum blockchain. A self-described “financial guru,” Middleton is accused of propagating false information about his businesses, as well as conducting trades in the open market that jacked up the price of VERI. The SEC further alleges he misappropriated at least $520,000 of investors’ money for personal use, as well as $600,000 to purchase precious metals to prop up another scam.

  4. Charlie Lee recently put out a tweet storm discussing LTC development, saying that LTC has historically had very few developers and most of the changes are taken from Bitcoin Core. He also revealed that no work has been done on Mimblewimble for Litecoin, despite the hyped up announcement earlier in the year. Charlie clawed back, saying he never promised development would start immediately. 

  5. Coinbase Inc. must face a negligence lawsuit for allegedly botching the launch of its digital currency bitcoin cash, or BCH, through an apparent “incompetence born of haste,” a judge ruled. U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria ruled the refiled complaint lays out a “plausible account that Coinbase breached its duty to maintain a functional market.”

  6. Square Crypto, the division of the Cash App company focused exclusively on bitcoin, just hired Matt Corallo, one of the world’s most prolific bitcoin developers.

  7. South Korean tech company Samsung has added full support for bitcoin through its Blockchain Keystore application. The largest corporation in the country, Samsung has been making piecemeal moves in the blockchain and crypto industries over the past year.  With its only real competitors in the crypto-enabled smartphone business being much smaller companies, this drew a fair deal of fanfare from the crypto community.

  8. The INX exchange is launching in one of the first crypto IPOs of the year.  The exchange is headed by Alan Silbert and is trying to raise $130M through sales of a registered security token.  Notably, the exchange is using ERC-20 tokens for its equity and sports a list of Bitcoin Maximalist investors and advisors such as Jameson Lopp, Samson Mow, as well as other people who have been critical of ETH such as Charlie Lee, Riccardo Spagni, and Stefan Jespers AKA WhalePanda.  The link to the full SEC filing will be in the shownotes.

Price Analysis:

Number go sideways

One Final Note:

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Colin aulds