Ep. 17 Smile! Grin Is Here


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In this episode of the Unhashed Podcast: Neutrino is causing some major debate on crypto twitter and one previous guest of this show anticipates these arguments to become more common now that bitcoin cash is persona non grata. Derose has been right before. Is he right about this too? Smile! The Grin blockchain is officially live and prices are swinging all over the place. Price is one thing, but does the coin have anything cool to offer in the way of actual tech and is it better than Bitcoin? And...is carlos matos twitter feed the best kept secret in crypto day trading. Find out the answers to these and other questions in this week’s episode of The Unhashed Podcast.

Weekly News Wrap Up:

  1. In a long (and somewhat technical) medium post, @NicolasDorier came out against Neutrino for very nuanced reasons  (take it away Ruben!)

    1. Quick overview -

      1. What is SPV?

      2. what is Neutrino?

    2. Why is Neutrino “almost useless” for everything except trusting miners longest PoW?

    3. “20 years down the road, Samson’s hats won’t be here to save the day against B3X, so take the right decision early.”

  2. Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com says tZero will launch next week.  While tZero will allow trading of its native token, its main objective is to provide a trading platform for security tokens.  So with that said, Riccardo, what do you think about the launch and and about security tokens in general?

    1. Dole Foods Article

  3. Grin token goes live!  The first (but not the first to launch) token based on the Mimblewimble paper went live this past week.  The other token, Beam launched at the very beginning of the year; however, because Beam has a Zcash style founders fund, it has not had nearly as much press as Grin, which has funded development purely off donations.  

    1. Last night prices:

      1. Grin - 1111 Grin / BTC

      2. Beam - 3703 Beam / BTC

    2. According to reports, there is a YUGE amount of VC capital chasing after Grin coins.  Coindesk quoted Primitive Ventures Partner, Eric Meltzer,
      “There is (by our conservative estimates) 100 million dollars of mostly VC money invested into special-purpose investment vehicles to mine Grin. This does a lot of weird things: it turns a bunch of people who would have been buyers of grin into sellers of it, it changes the composition of the early holder roster, and it means the chain will launch with an extremely high degree of security via high PoW hashrate.”

      1. This is, presumably, the smart money.  Are these funds trying to capture bitcoin-esque lightning in a bottle or is there something to this?

    3. (Ruben) yesterday the Beam blockchain halted due to a bug: the same transaction was sent twice, causing incorrect transaction cut-through. A hotfix was released in ~7 hours.

  4. Crypto Garage is testing the use of the Liquid sidechain for a JPY stable coin.  It can be traded anonymously for $BTC with CT/coinjoin, and the "call option" issue pointed out by BitMEX Research is minimized, because settlement takes 1 minute (or 1st signer backs out with a double spend)

  5. The Ethereum hard fork was called off one day ahead of time due to a bug. The Store operation was made cheaper, causing potential unexpected behavior that to existing smart contracts that was not possible before the fork. Meanwhile the Ethereum ice age has kicked in, causing slower confirmations.

ICO My God, They’re Serious:

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Colin: Darren Brown’s The Push, Miracle, and The Sacrifice
Ruben: Sidechains & Banking: Confidential Netting
Bryan:  You can look up and compare the cultural differences of countries on Hofstede-insights.com

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