Ep. 11 That Episode With Jimmy Song In It


Hello Bitcoiners!

In this episode of the Unhashed Podcast: Coinbase is dabbling in more and more shitcoins. Does this indicate desperation on the part of Brian Armstrong in this Bear Market? Just how low can the cost of a 1 hour 51% attack go for alts? And...would you want to watch a relentlessly honest documentary about your life? Find out the answers to these and other questions in this week’s episode of the unhashed podcast, featuring the Bitcoin Cowpoke himself, Jimmy Song. See you on the other side.

Weekly News Wrap Up:

  1. Bitmain, Roger Ver, Kraken Sued for Alleged Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Manipulation

    1. Obviously, this seems frivolous, but if it’s upheld, then it could open the door to some weird incentives  

    2. From the suit: “Plaintiff seeks an injunction: (a) precluding Amaury Sechet, Shammah Chancellor, and Jason Cox via Bitcoin ABC from continuing to implement checkpoints on the Bitcoin Cash network and any other implementation of the software that would prevent the resulting chains from being able to be re-merged; and (b) requiring them to return the blockchain to its previously decentralized form with the previous consensus rules.”

      1. Who is responsible for keeping a network decentralized?

      2. If the court upholds this, how could they go about “return(ing) the blockchain to its previously decentralized form”

      3. Again the notion of fiduciary like responsibilities is coming up… Is there any liability that software devs do have? Should have?

  2. Coinbase adding shitcoins!

  3. Binance DEX coming to testNet soon

    1. How will DEXs change the exchange landscape?

    2. How long until this becomes the standard (if ever)?

    3. Where do we evolve from here?  

      1. Does the SEC enforcement of their regs onto DEXs have any impact?

      2. Etherdelta SEC enforcement

  4. Double spend on SV demonstrated just after the bch flippening

  5. Former IMF chief economist says Bitcoin is nothing more than a lottery ticket at this time

    1. Kenneth Rogoff stated that while some believe that cryptocurrencies have had their day and are on an irreversible downward slide, it is actually difficult to say with certainty that their value will actually fall to zero. In his view, several questions exist about the ability of large economies to successfully embrace cryptocurrency, which means that outside of joint regulatory action, national level adoption of cryptocurrencies will likely be pushed only by weak pariah states like Iran, Somalia, Venezuela, and North Korea.

  6. Ruben’s Tweet: Explanation video here

ICO My God, They’re Serious (Colin):

  1. DDkoin Decentralized Autonomous Community

    1. White paper

    2. Posts really funny questions about ICO’s on quora using their official corporate account while they are doing an ICO


Colin: Chuck Klosterman’s The 23 Questions I Ask Everybody I Meet In Order To Decide If I Can Really Love Them

Bryan: How to be invisible on the internet                   

Mario: Worst Headline Ever, Bill Nye on SpaceX

Ruben: Lightning Hackathon                                   

Jimmy: Programming Bitcoin Book and Course, Unconfiscatable Conference from Tone Vays, Bitcoin Celebrity Poker Tournament, Leon Johnson’s Advancing Bitcoin Conference        

Outro Audio:

The Jimmy Song by 1thousandx


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