Ep.9 The Original 1993 ICO (Before They Were Cool...and Hated)

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Hello Bitcoiners!

In this episode of the unhashed podcast: How much more money can SV and ABC miners burn before they give up on the pissing contest? Sometimes dependencies aren’t as dependable as you might think. Can software wallets ever be secure when they routinely rely on node packages to speed up development? And, have we found the very first ICO...somehow dating all the way back to 1993? Find out the answers to these and other questions in this week’s episode of the unhashed podcast. See you on the other side.

Weekly News Wrap Up:

  1. Loophole in Ethereum code

  2. BCH Fork aftermath

    1. Burned a ton of money so far

    2. ABC introduces 10-block deep re-org protection (which introduces a permanent split risk)

    3. and is barely enforced by nodes (Ruben’s tweet)

    4. Tickers - BCH vs BCHABC BCHSV vs BAB vs BSV

      1. CZ Binance says he’s not going to award anyone the BCH ticker

    5. Ayer/CoinGeek declares hashwar over

  3. Where is Bitcoin? (Bryan)

    1. My 4 year old keeps asking where the Bitcoin is, which is an incredibly hard question to answer.

  4. Malware got into copay wallet (made by bitpay)

    1. Github issue

    2. Bitpay statement

      1. “Users should assume that private keys on affected wallets may have been compromised, so they should move funds to new wallets (v5.2.0) immediately.”

      2. I wonder how many users are going to be using the new version of the CoPay wallet as their fix

    3. (small) reddit thread

    4. The malicious code was inserted in two stages into event-stream, a code library with 2 million downloads that’s used by Fortune 500 companies and small startups alike. Stage one, published on September 8, included a benign module known as flatmap-stream. Stage two was implemented on October 5 when flatmap-steam was updated to include malicious code that attempted to steal bitcoin wallets and transfer their balances to a server located in Kuala Lumpur. The backdoor came to light last Tuesday, but Officials with NPM didn’t issue an advisory until six days later. NPM officials said the malicious code was designed to target people using a bitcoin wallet developed by Copay, a company that incorporated event-stream into its app.

  5. Tron buys Bittorrent - old news but fun topic

    1. ICOs taking other people's money to buy real companies

ICO My God, They’re Serious:

BBX on YouTube


Colin: Fork Monitor and Privacy.com

Bryan:  Movie recommendation: Game Night with Jason Bateman

Mario: Eric Voskuil’s Understanding Bitcoin

Ruben: Blockchains don’t scale and Seoul Bitcoin YouTube

Outro Audio:

Olaf the Crypto Coin Magician by Brian Hoffman


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