Ep.2 Bitcoin Goes High Fidelity

In the first true episode of The Unhashed Podcast, Mario, Ruben, Colin and Bryan check in with what happened with them the previous week. Ruben just returned from Scaling Bitcoin in Tokyo. Mario gave the second in his series of talks in Victoria, Canda, and Colin and Bryan got back from the Blockchain Shift conference in Miami. We are Global Baby!

Weekly News Wrap-up:

Bitcoin 0.16.2 bug (is this article overblown?)

ICOs are coming to Bitcoin: Are ICOs on the Bitcoin Blockchain a bad thing?

Forward Blocks detailed at Scaling Bitcoin by Mark Friedenbach

Is Friedenbach an enemy of bitcoin, per this thread?

Tether going to $.92

Fidelity offers bitcoin

"Announced at an event in Bloomberg’s New York headquarters, Fidelity Digital Assets will offer three main services. The most elaborate of these appears to be custody services for bitcoin, ether and other digital assets. In particular, the service is being designed give institutional investors a compliant way to secure their assets by holding them in a physical vault."

TxTenna release - here is our guide

Jimmy Song’s question: How Do We Get Bitcoin Going in North Korea?

ICO My God, They’re Serious:


One final note:

Make sure you are storing your crypto on something secure like a Ledger and backing it up on something sturdy like a Billfodl. If you buy these items through the links above, we do take a cut of the profits but it also helps support the show - a win/win for all involved.

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